DBT Diaries – Week 6

Week six of DBT and this week has been a better one which is something to be grateful for. It’s the first time I’ve had things both before and after the therapy session which unnerved me a little bit but it worked out quite well so I know I can do it if I have to, although where possible I will always try to leave after the session free so I have time to process.

*Please remember not all groups are run the same way and your experiences may be different to mine. There is no right or wrong as everyone is different, this is just meant as a little insight into the topic for those who are interested.


This week’s topic was continuing the distress tolerance skills looking at dealing with issues from our past and possibilities in our future using radical acceptance and turning the mind.

Radical acceptance is for use when you can’t keep painful events and emotions from affecting you. It means accepting the situation and your reality exactly as it is in heart, body, and mind. It’s about understanding only realistic limitations on the future need to be accepted and that everything has a cause.

It’s important for us to accept reality because rejecting it only causes us suffering and while pain is uncomfortable it’s a natural part of life that we need to accept. If we keep rejecting reality we end up suffering. By focussing on past pain we make our selves suffer in the present and project that suffering into the future by placing limitations on ourselves. It’s a very difficult skill to get your head around but one that can be very freeing. Remember that you can accept reality without agreeing with it.

Turning the mind is a way to implement radical acceptance. If you think of it as a fork in the road, you have to turn your mind towards acceptance of reality and choosing to accept where you are. This doesn’t mean you have accepted your reality just that you are on the road to the right place.




I think this week’s skill is the first I’ve encountered that I haven’t come across or used before. It’s a really difficult one to get your head around and without the handouts to help guide and offer examples I really don’t think I would be able to understand it. I’m not 100% sure that I do but I think I have a good grasp. Although if you’ve read this post and it makes no sense please let me know as I probably don’t have a good a grasp as I thought.

Right, I’m off to have a look at my homework. I’ll let know how I get on next week – wish me luck.


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