Everyday Vintage

I always think to myself that I don’t wear enough vintage clothes and I don’t look ‘vintage’ enough despite how much I love the styles from past eras, but then it clicked I wear vintage clothes everyday. At least half of my wardrobe (if not more) is vintage but I style it in a way that slips seamlessly into modern fashion.



  • Handbag – Lilly Vine York
  • Silk scarf – vintage | charity shop
  • Trousers – vintage | charity shop
  • T-shirt – TU at Sainsburys
  • Sunglasses – Bowlers York
  • Shoes – Fitflop

The checked trousers and silk scarf tied to the bag in this little ensemble are both vintage. Teamed with a simple cotton t-shirt, cats eye sunglasses and a pair of fitflops and it’s the perfect outfit for running errands, nipping for a coffee of cycling to uni.


It gives me my daily dose of vintage without interfering with my life (cycling in skirts is hard for me), keeps me looking chic and ensures that no one has the same outfit as me. If you’re new to wearing vintage adding little accents of vintage to everyday outfits is the perfect way to decide what does and doesn’t work for you.

What are your everyday vintage tips?


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