Shaving vs Epilation: My experience

As a student I can’t really afford to keep heading to the beauty salon to have my legs waxed, especially with G wanting to progress with this career as well. The thing is I hate shaving my legs. Not because I don’t like hair-free legs or I’m lazy (even though I am quite lazy) but because I don’t like the thick black hairs you get as a result of it, or the fact the results only last for a couple of days.

I considered doing my own waxing at home, but after a misguided attempt with waxing strips when I was 18 – which has left a permanently bald section on my shin – I didn’t think it was a good idea (or know if I could put myself through that again). Which left me with two options; work more hours so I can afford to have my legs waxed or try epilation. Obviously, I went for epilation.

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Epilation with Phillips

The way an epliator works is essentially the same as tweezers. The rotating discs of the epilator tweeze the hairs from the skin by the root giving a longer lasting smoothness as well as a thinner and fainter regrowth. The model I chose came with two speed settings which allowed me to adapt the epilation for different areas, as well as a shaver head and trimmer cap for areas a little too sensitive for epilation. Because the package also includes a power cable, removable, washable heads and cleaning brush I don’t have to constantly spend money on razors. Looking on the Phillips website now there are plenty more options available, even ones with spa attachments for facial cleansing and epilation.

I spent around £50 on the one I bought (which I got around 2 years ago) and that was the basic model (Satinelle HP6423) that I can use on my legs, underarms and bikini area. I’ve never waxed my underarms and to this day still shave them – I just don’t think pain in your underarm is natural – but I’ve had bikini waxes before and didn’t think anything of it. However, epilating the bikini area is A LOT more painful than I would have thought, and something that I have to prepare myself for. Legs are a different ball game all together. After the first two or three attempts I felt nothing more than a minor pinch and happily epilate my legs whenever I need to.

Having tried it out I am most definitely a convert to epliation rather than shaving, but some people still tell me they find it really difficult. Have you tried epilation? I’d love to hear your take on it.


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