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Recently I have had a rather prominent (and very annoying) IBS flare up. Should I eat anything containing gluten or dairy I swell up like a balloon so I look 6 months pregnant, I become very gassy, I get rather ill and I get stomach cramps like you wouldn’t believe. It takes me a few days to get over each episode so instead I decided to go dairy and gluten free.

It wasn’t too bad to start with. I enjoy vegetables and fruit and had a few staple meals that were already part of my usual diet. But I soon got bored of eating them all the time with nothing else thrown in there, so I invested in some new cookbooks to try and get some new ideas. Now as much as I enjoy cooking (and I do) I don’t like really technical recipes, or having to buy ingredients specially as I don’t plan that far in advance. When I came across Barbara Cousin’s Easy. Tasty. Healthy it felt like she’d written it just for me.

Barbara Cousins ETH Contents

All of her recipes were really easy to make and, more importantly to me, were made from normal ingredients that I already had in my cupboard or freezer. It made switching to a gluten and dairy free diet extremely easy, and even though I still miss cheese (mmmm cheese!) there are some creamy tasting pots in here to help curb that craving.


Easy. Tasty. Healthy has become my go to recipes book over the past couple of weeks and I’ve even made some recipes for G who has absolutely loved them (he can be funny about food). I’ve also ended up reintroducing a lot of dishes into my diet that I couldn’t be bothered to make previously like her simple tomato soup – with my own twist of course.

Barbara Cousins ETH Tomato Soup

Have you found any great gluten and dairy free cookbooks recently? I’d love to find some more.


7 thoughts on “Recipe Book | Easy. Tasty. Healthy.

  1. Looks great! The LEON Fast and Free book is very good, I love their recipes 😊


    1. Oohh I’ve not heard of that one I’ll have to take a look. Thanks

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  2. I have no trouble with any foods usually but every time I go to a certain Indian restaurant (the only one I ever went to) I get incredibly bloated. Any idea why that may be? I have no problem with dairy or gluten, or anything else, as far as I know.


    1. I’m not sure to be honest as I’m not medically trained, but in some people spicy food can cause some bloating and stomach upset. Might be worth speaking to your doctor if it bothers you


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