Style Icons | Joan Crawford

There is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman and that most certainly describes Joan Crawford. Hailed as the forgotten queen of style she has a timeless, classic look that I would kill for and a serene sense of self that comes across in all her photos. Despite what we think we know about her from her daughter’s book ‘Mommie Dearest’ she was still one of the most influential style icons for three decades, forever striving to be one step ahead of the fashion trends and the first to find a new look.

Flapper Girl



From stage showgirl to Hollywood actress, Joan Crawford has never lacked grace and bearing. In her early career she set the scene (the 20s) with floaty, thigh skimming dresses that emphasised her slim, girlish figure and dancer’s grace. She embodied the world’s view of the flapper. Her blue eyes, wavy hair and delicate eyebrows lent a girlish air to her wardrobe and personified the fun loving characters she played on film.

Style Star


As her career grew so did she. She captured the mood of the times and dressed to suit it. When prohibition and the stock market crash made people grow she grew with them. The fun, playful style turned into structured suits and sophisticated dresses; classic and timeless. In the 40s her determined, ambitious personality shone through in her wardrobe along with the sex appeal that made her so desirable.

Crawford Signature Style


There are an abundance of style cues we can take from her sophisticated, ladylike wardrobe if we care to look. A cinched or emphasised waist, created by clothes with a plunging V neck that emphasise her broad shoulders and small waist were a staple of Crawford’s wardrobe, almost as essential as the highly arched brow, wide eyes and prominent lip. Combine this with one statement jewellery piece and you’ll have a pretty good emulation of her overall style.

In true Crawford style I opt for a neatened, emphasised brow on a daily basis but I am still working up the confidence to pull off the bold lip regularly. Yet I am still in awe of her polished curls and spidery lashes ~ If only I had her style. Who are your style icons?


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