Physically Healthy ~ Mentally Healthy

As part of my self care for this year, and in reaction to the revulsion I feel when I look in the mirror I have decided to try and live more healthily. That includes eating the right foods, exercising regularly, making sure I get enough sleep and giving myself time to unwind. I have already mentioned in previous posts small changes I have made and how I relax so I thought I might as well give you the bigger picture.

Mental Health Dieter


Last year while I was trying to lose weight I set up a second instagram account where I could post my food without bugging my lifestyle followers. I let this taper off when I lost focus on weight loss, but I have picked this back up again recently. Here I document what I’m eating, when I’m exercising and how I’m feeling. There is a huge link between my mental health, what I eat and how I feel physically, so even if it isn’t a miracle cure it’s something worth investing in for me.

Carrie the cross trainer

Early in the new year I bought myself a cross trainer and named her Carrie (yes I name inanimate objects). Carrie and I were great friends for the first week, we spent a lot of time together – at least 15-20 minutes a day. I realise that this isn’t viable in the long run – I am not disciplined enough and I have a rather busy schedule. But as part of my self care and in a bid to lose some weight and feel better about myself I am trying to do at least 30 minutes 3 times a week. There are times when I don’t achieve that but I feel guilty enough that I always start again – if anyone want to be my workout buddy and drop me tweets asking if I’ve done my workout I’ll love you forever.

It’s a lifestyle not a phase

The biggest thing I need to get into my mind is that this is a lifestyle change not a phase or a diet. This isn’t something that I want to keep up until a certain date, this is a routine that I want to get into. A fail safe for those times when my mental health is kicking my butt and I need something to perk me up. Exercise, a good diet and the right coping techniques are imperative to my mental health so understanding that this is a lifestyle not a phase is imperative too.

Have you noticed the link between physical health and mental health, how do you stay motivated?


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