My Favourite TV Shows Right Now

Part of my self care routine is allowing myself to sit and do nothing. For me that means lying on my sofa and binge watching TV. It can be a bit of a balancing act to not let whole days slip away watching episode after episode but it’s also a great way for me to relax, unwind and get out of my head for a while. At the moment I have a few that I flick between:



When a naked woman with no memory and covered in tattoos turn up in a duffel bag in the middle of times square you know there is a conspiracy theory coming along. This FBI drama follows the life of ‘Jane Doe’ while she recovers memories, follows the clues in her tattoos and decides which side she want to be on.



A country music drama following the life and family drama of a fading country music star, the big breaks for various upcoming artists and the small town nature of the country music scene in the US. Not usually something I would watch but it has some great music and I immediately became hooked. Definitely a guilty pleasure.



FBI meets the OC in this easy watch, cop drama. Unravelling a conspiracy theory while learning about what happened during FBI training, this thriller series has just enough to it to keep you interested while being light enough to nip out to make a brew or read a tweet without losing the thread of what is going on.

Is there anything you’re watching right now? Let me know your thoughts.


1 thought on “My Favourite TV Shows Right Now

  1. I love Nashville! It’s one of those shows I never thought I’d like, but five seasons in and I’m hooked.


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