Wedding Ring Rash

I have always had sensitive skin. It’s a bit annoying really but I can’t change it. So when I noticed that I was getting red, peeling skin under my wedding ring I thought it was just something my skin was prone to. I just had to suck it up, keep moisturising and hope it clears up.

You see I’m not big on wearing jewellery. I wear my earrings, the occasional if it’s a special occasion or I remember to add one to my outfit and of course my wedding and engagement rings. These rarely come off. I wear them to bed, in the shower, while working out – I forget they’re there. Which when you think about it, it’s kinda gross.

Wedding ring rash is caused by one of two things – an allergic reaction to the nickel within your gold ring, or a build up of soap, dead skin and general grubbiness under the ring. Now given I wear mine non-stop I don’t think I need to tell you which was causing mine.


However one of the reasons I don’t take off my rings is because I have a VERY annoying cat who likes to knock things off tables and sides – generally anything that doesn’t have a lip and some things that do (like plates of chicken). So I decided to invest in a cute little ring holder from Amazon. For the princely sum of £5 this little beauty was delivered to me, keeps my rings safe from my cat and allows my skin time to breath. Problem solved.


You can get them in any shape or size, I just have a penchant for elephants at the moment (and dreams of travelling to India, but I digress). Cats, trees, hands, stags whatever will best suit your decor, and trust me it saved me a lot of irritation.

Do you have a ring holder, what style did you go for?


1 thought on “Wedding Ring Rash

  1. Very sensible . Love the ring holder idea


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