Christmas Traditions in Spain

This year G and I were lucky enough to be able to spend our Christmas and my birthday over in Spain. Not only was it wonderful to soak up some vitamin D and warm up a little, it was eye opening to see how our European neighbours spend their Christmas.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve in Moraira was beautiful. Throughout the day the weather was lovely and warm and expats and Spaniards alike all sat out in the winter sunshine on the beach front enjoying the festive atmosphere. With the town being a small one we expected it to be very quiet and were surprised yet happy to find so many people out and about.

During the evening things died down a little as we expected, and we saw many of the locals getting dressed up to attend family meals and midnight mass. The atmosphere was festive and friendly ~ I only wish I knew Spanish so I could join in!

Christmas Day

We thought that on Christmas Day everything would be closed like it is here in the UK but we were wrong. We had planned a quiet little picnic on the beach but found several shops and beach front cafes open with people enjoying a drink.


We had also heard about a get together on a local beach – El Portet – where people shared a drink and a chat. As we didn’t know anyone I felt awkward going (probably something to do with my anxiety) but the  idea of spending Christmas on the beach with friends and neighbours was phenomenal.

Boxing Day

We decided to venture further afield on Boxing Day (especially since it was the first time we had a car abroad) and spent a little time in Denia and Xabia. The roads were relatively quiet but the town centres weren’t. We sat out in sunny squares drinking coffee and even had a bite to eat overlooking the sea in Xabia before we headed home.

It may have something to do with the weather (80%) but I think I much prefer the way the Spanish spend Christmas! I know I won’t be there next year as G is working but nonetheless I’m trying to learn Spanish and get out there as much as possible.

Where’s the best place you ever spent Christmas?


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