Squash & Broad Bean Risotto | 358 cal

I have been trying to improve my health recently and a huge part of that has been changing how I eat. I've always been a lover of vegetables and other 'healthy' food I just grew lazy in terms of preparing and cooking food and started to rely on the wrong things. So when Tesco brought … Continue reading Squash & Broad Bean Risotto | 358 cal

Physically Healthy ~ Mentally Healthy

As part of my self care for this year, and in reaction to the revulsion I feel when I look in the mirror I have decided to try and live more healthily. That includes eating the right foods, exercising regularly, making sure I get enough sleep and giving myself time to unwind. I have already … Continue reading Physically Healthy ~ Mentally Healthy

I Don’t Know What To Do

Things have been a bit tough for me recently. Actually that's a lie. Things have been pretty damn awful for me recently. Not through any outward situation, just the things that are going on in my head. I'm still trying to adjust to the fact I have a personality disorder rather than anxiety and depression. … Continue reading I Don’t Know What To Do