The ideal gift for those who have everything

There are always people in our lives that either have everything they want, or are just inherently awkward to buy gifts for. If you’re like me you’ll spend hours wracking your brain trying to figure out what they might like – but what I never think of is what might make them feel more at ease.

Scentsy is a flameless, electronic warmer that allows you to melt scented wax without having to worry about an open flame that pets or children can get hurt by – you just simply plug it in and relax. Having a cat it’s the perfect solution. Despite having oil burners, a gas fire and candles throughout my living room, Oscar (the cat) is still silly enough to try and sniff them so I can never truly just switch off and enjoy the atmosphere.


I am not one for fads, pyramid selling or the latest trend. I got sucked into the juice plus craze and was determined I wouldn’t fall for the next lot. So, when my friend told me about scentsy I just politely listened and ignored her – I mean I have radiator diffusers and oil burners I don’t need anything else. Yet, when she sent me a beautiful electronic oil warmer for my birthday (yes I opened it early) I had a rather wry smile on my face.

I have to say, as someone who is difficult to buy gifts for, it has been an incredibly useful gift. Not that I’m overly surprised, my friend always gives the most thoughtful gifts. Being able to just flip a switch and enjoy a soothing scent has meant that I’ve used it most days, and when I come home I’m welcomed by the lingering smell of the wax warmer.

I don’t think it’s completely turned me away from candles and oil burners, and I will always use radiator diffusers in the bedrooms but it’s certainly made a big difference. It’s also helped me to relax in the evenings, something I’m sure not many people think of when buying gifts. It’s how I know I have the best friends.


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