Attic By Night: York Gin Bar

I almost didn’t write this post because I want this bar to stay a wonderful hidden gem where I can sup all the fantastical gins, but I decided that wasn’t fair to all my fellow gin lovers. Now, of course I will be bias because I work here (they were smart enough to hire me) but before you write me off just look at their selection of gins!

Hidden away on King’s Square, Attic By Night is a cosy, friendly little cafe come bar. Just a single door way onto the street next door to Cafe Nero leads you to a wonderful gin palace. With over 90 different gins, a fine selection of rums, whiskey’s and red wines (as well as some ale for those that prefer it) it’s the perfect little den to while away some time.


Choose from a range of garnishes, tonics and soft drinks or create your own prosecco gin cocktail. If you’re not sure what to choose there is always someone on hand to offer advice and suggestions. If you’re looking for somewhere quiet after a day of festive shopping or somewhere to start your night out with class then I would definitely recommend Attic By Night, I’m just sorry I only found out about it when I applied for my job!

If gin isn’t quite your thing then don’t worry. Open Thurs ~ Sat from 12 to 11pm you can pop in for an award winning coffee and a slice of homemade cake or if you’re supper peckish one of the delicious platters. The friendly, laid back atmosphere and quick and efficent table service will make you want to stay all day.


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