Adjusting To A New Routine

So I know I said I’d try and post a bit more and I have once again been a bit rubbish but I’ve been having a bit of trouble adjusting to my new routine. Well if you can call it a routine that is. Things have yet to settle down with all the changes going on and it’s kinda (read definitely) thrown me off pace and made me feel a bit floopy.

Because I don’t do anything by half (I mean who doesn’t love a good challenge) I have started university, become a student representative, changed my job and applied for a volunteering role. I’m waiting on some things coming back, other things beginning and trying to keep track of all the work that I need to do. Whilst it’s all super exciting and interesting it has left me feeling a bit lost and insecure – not the best thing for my mental health – so I thought I’d share a few little tips I’ve picked up for adjusting to a new routine.

Keep your hobbies

Whether that’s going to a certain gym class once a week, setting time aside to relax with a book or ensuring you have an evening to catch up with friends. It’s easy to get swept up in all the new, exciting things going on but it’s important to stop, take a breath and do something that helps you relax and unwind.

Talk about it

If something is worrying you or even if you’re just feeling a bit lost talk to someone about it. Expressing a concern doesn’t mean you’re not enjoying all of the changes, it means that you’re human. You’re allowed to be irritated that such and such hasn’t emailed you back or that your forms haven’t come through yet.

Know your limits

Change is great. It’s exciting, exhilarating and gives us something to look forward to, but too much can send us (definitely me) into a spiral that we eventually lose control of. Only take on what you think you can handle and remember that there may be unexpected changes that you didn’t consider alongside everything else.

So that’s what has helped keep me grounded over the past month, and once I’m back working (part time obviously) and have an idea of what my free time really looks like I’ll be sure to pick back up on here.

Is there anything you’ve found really helpful when adjusting to a new routine that I can try?

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