Mature Student: Starting my second degree

So things have been a bit quiet on the blog recently (dust ball rolls past). OK so maybe super quiet – I’m sorry my life got in the way; between preparing for my second degree, working all the hours available and jetting off on holiday I’ve been kinda busy.

I guess my biggest news is starting my new degree! Whoop whoop! 12th September saw me enrolling on a whole new course, trying to make some new friends and attempting to get my head around everything.

I’m almost at the end of my first real week at Uni and I have to say I’ve been loving it. It’s a bit of a slower pace than I’m used to but maybe I just spend my days dashing around. I’ve already learned so much more and it’s all helped make sense of my job too.

We’ve already found out about our first placement (eeek scary!) and I’ve already bought my uniform – even if I do say so myself I don’t think I look too bad in it. And just to add to all that excitement I’ve gone and bought a moped (named Vera) to get me to and from placement as well as to and from uni – it just seemed a bit much cycling with really heavy books.

It’s not all been plane sailing though, in fact on my first day I nearly had a panic attack as I left the house and spent the entire walk across York texting Mr G telling him I was going to be sick. Then I figured the more I push myself to be involved and social the more I’m going to get out of it, so when the opportunity arose I became a course rep for our year too!

So there’s a quick update from me, I’ll be trying to get back into a routine which includes blogging more regularly. Hope you’ve all had a great summer!


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