A Week In The Life Of A Support Worker

Those of you who follow my blog will know I’ve recently made a huge turn in my career by giving up marketing and becoming a support worker.

I’ve found it to be so rewarding I wanted to share a week in the life of my new job. It’s completely different to working in an office or anything I’ve done before.


A typical Monday for me now includes waking up away from home. I often do sleep overs at customer’s houses so feel a little like I’m living out of a suitcase but it means I’m already at work and can enjoy a leisurely wake up over a coffee and a chat.

We usually then head into town to have a look around the shops or go to the cinema before having lunch and heading home. Spending time with customers like this means you really get to know them and can offer tailored support for their likes, aspirations and difficulties.


Tuesday I’m usually waking up at home and walking along the river to visit my first customer. I generally have a few different calls on a Tuesday and spend a lot of my day walking here to there. It’s great exercise and means that I get to see the quieter side of my city (not full on a weekend).

Wednesday and Thursday

These days generally tend to be my days off. Occasionally I will have a few short calls to make around lunchtime or in the evening. Otherwise the time is mine to relax.

Friday and Saturday

These tend to be the shopping days for a lot of customers, whether it’s a weekly food shop or picking up a few essentials. I’m usually on full day shifts followed by a sleep so have to pack a case and my meals for the day.


The day to relax. I’m usually waking up away from home ready for another shift. Often Sunday’s are spent cooking meals for the week with customers or out and about on various shifts walking in the beautiful weather.

All in all I love my new job. It’s a huge change from the 9-5 routine and I’ve found it rather difficult to switch off or turn down shifts which hasn’t been great for my mental health. Of course there are difficult times and a lot of responsibility with any job, but now I’ve switched from office to community there’s no way I’m switching back.


1 thought on “A Week In The Life Of A Support Worker

  1. That’s amazing that you went from marketing to being a support working! I’m sure what you’re doing is truly making a difference in so many lives. Do be sure to take care of yourself by turning down some shifts because you aren’t going to be helpful if you’re completely drained.

    Single Vegas Girl


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