Anxiety is more than hyperventilating

When people talk about anxiety attacks they are usually talking about hyperventilating, sweating and nausea – a panic attack. It’s horrible. But there are many other types of anxiety attacks that get glossed over, ignored or put down to personality traits or moods.

Not only do I think this is incredibly unfair, I also think that it’s detrimental to people’s health. We all deal with anxiety in different ways, and recognising and understanding these types of anxiety attacks will only help people to overcome them.

Unpredictable irritability

This is an anxiety attack I suffer from a lot. It makes me feel like Jekyll and Hyde. One moment I’m happy as Larry and the next I’m snapping at people or chewing someone’s ear off about the slightest thing.

There are usually triggers for me with this. Certain topics, situations or senses that cause anxiety for me. The unpredicable part being that I never see any of it coming, or realise that I’m being irritable until I see the reaction of the person I’m with.

Hypersensitivity to mess and unorganisation

Whether it’s nit picking, very mild OCD or just the inability to allow something to be messy it can all be a form of anxiety attack. Excuse the pop psyc lesson but I think this happens most to me when I’m waiting for an answer to something or feel like something is out of my control, and decide to take control of my environment instead.

I’ve thrown out plates we’ve had for years because they had a chip (which had been there for a while), refused to let Mr G help put the shopping away because “he’d put it in the wrong place” and sat and cried because when I came in from work there were some letters on the coffee table.

Stumbling over words or talking too fast

This is a big one for me. If you know me you’ll have noticed it quite a lot this year. When talking I stumble over my words, stutter or forget the word I want to use. This is infuriating for me as I’ve always been rather articulate and it feels as though my way of communicating has taken a hit.

This happens to me all the time. I can be sat at home chatting with Mr G and get so frustrated I just give up and stop talking or I’ll feel anxious chatting to someone new and end up looking like a bafoon.

Zoning out

When I say zoning out I don’t mean daydreaming. I mean completely leaving your body and shutting everything out. There have been times where I’ve zoned out so completely that when touched our talked to to gain my attention I haven’t replied.

Do you suffer with anxiety? Have you ever experienced any of these attacks?


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