Hearing Aids At 26

Hearing Aids are for old people. Or at least that’s what I thought until last year when they were given to me.


For as long as I can remember I’ve had issues with my ears. I have perforations in both ears (holes in my ear drum) one from a really bad infection and one from gromits. Except trying a graft to heal them – which was very painful and unsuccessful – the problem hadn’t really effected my life. Until now.

October 2014 I got an ear infection. It was nothing new, I have them every few months, but when we got to January 2015 (a month before my wedding) and it still hadn’t gone despite various antibiotics I was sent off to hospital to have it checked out.

They administered an antibiotic cream directly to my eardrum (yep, that was fun – NOT) and booked me in for a hearing test once I got back from my honeymoon. I’d always had slightly diminished hearing because of the perforations but id6 been noticing a large difference, plus it’s standard practise after an infection that has lasted that long.

When I got my test results it turned out that my hearing loss had worsen but only by a very slight amount. I was eligible for hearing aids but only just, and the reason they were offering them was beecause my hearing loss fell within the social pitch. The pitch range for most people’s voices which was why I was struggling to hear people at work, in the pub or on the TV. A week later I picked up my hearing aids.

Paper has a noise!

The first thing I said when I put my hearing aids in. I flicked through a catalogue and could hear the pages fall onto one another. I’d hear it before on films but never in real life. When I told Mr G he was astonished but I thought it was the norm.


Having hearing aids hasn’t drastically changed my life. I still have to ask people to repeat themselves sometimes and I still mis-hear people, but it’s a lot less frequent now. I don’t look different and when I’m wearing them you can’t tell unless I have my hair up. The only real give away is me pointing them out or the squeal they make if I hug someone. Despite all that I wouldn’t be without them. I’ve come to rely on them to make things clearer for me and appreciate even the smallest sound now.


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