Fitflop: Have A Comfortable Summer

Because I’m doing a lot of walking with My new job I figured this summer I should invest in some comfortable sandals.

After a little internet research I discovered Fitflop; an ergonomically designed sandal (or shoe) that will support your foot in all the right places without making you look like a granny.

Now these sandals are a little pricey (£50-£90) but investing in the health and comfort of my feet now I’m walking a lot more was super important to me.

I went for a standard sandal in typical black (it doesn’t clash with anything meaning I can wear it with most outfits) in a waterproof material – I do live in England after all.

From the moment I put them on I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were. It was like walking on a memory foam pillow! My feet felt supported and the pain in my big toe (from wearing bad shoes) practically disappeared.

I did end up getting a blister at the top of my foot from getting caught in the rain (hello British summer) but I have very sensitive feet, and after a day or two It was gone.

What sandals have you been investing in this summer?


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