Why Diamonds Aren’t My Best Friend

Recently I’ve had several comments on how beautiful and unusual my engagement ring is. Unlike most girls I don’t like diamonds, I find them boring.


My true love when it comes to jewellery are pearls. Ever since playing with my nana’s pearls as a girl I’ve been drawn to them, so when it came to choosing an engagement ring it seemed the only way to go.

Not only does it fit in with my personality and remind me that I can be whoever I want, it makes me smile every time it catches my eye.


What ring would you choose as an engagement ring?


2 thoughts on “Why Diamonds Aren’t My Best Friend

  1. I am just the same I find diamonds either quite tacky or just boring. I personally love opals I think they are so beautiful and elegant. Great post lovely!

    Ella xx


    1. Oohh an opal engagement ring would look lovely!


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