What I’ve Learned About Myself As A Support Worker

I have now officially been working as a support worker for a month. It’s definitely been a baptism of fire and I’ve had to hit the grown running from day go, but I’ve really enjoyed it (mostly anyway). I’ve met some wonderful characters, had more time to focus on my hobbies and the chance to let myself heal from my recent mental health wobble.

It’s been a great learning experience both in the sense of learning how to excel at my new job and in getting to know myself a bit better. I am clever and organised which is why I found working in an office relatively easy, it’s only since facing more emotionally challenging situations as a support worker that I have learned more about myself.

I am more patient than I expected

As you can imagine, working as a support worker requires patience. I have always had patience when queuing or waiting for a bus, but as a teacher or helper I have always struggled to understand how people can’t pick things up. With my recent struggles I have learned to take everyone as they are and since then have found a well of patience and kindness that I wasn’t aware I had.

I enjoy making people happy

Cajoling a smile or a laugh from one of my customers is a great feeling. After being rather down in the dumps I know how much someone trying to cheer you up can mean. For those who spend their life agonizing about what they said, whether they upset someone or whether they meant what they said it can make all the difference too.

I enjoy the freedom of shift work

I thought that I needed the routine of 9 to 5. The structure and security that it gave, but working shift work has set me free. I have more time to spend with Mr G, I can pursue my hobbies and I feel much more relaxed and rested.

I have a stronger stomach than I expected

There are some areas of support work that are less pleasant. Whether it’s helping someone in the bathroom or cleaning up a mess it can be challenging, much the same way motherhood can be. I know full well that I am not cut out to be a mother or do this job full time but I’m better at it than I expected to be.

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2 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned About Myself As A Support Worker

  1. Hannah,
    I absolutely look forward to reading your blogs- in so many ways I relate to what you have been going through. I have been suffering through a bout of low mood, and anxiety with the impending arrival of my baby later this year and how my life will have to change. On top of this I have been having issues with my employer which have done nothing for my self esteem and the way I feel about my career and the general direction that my life is heading (anyways that is enough about me). What I am actually wanting to say is that by reading your blogs and seeing what seems to be your journey to self actualization and learning to better deal with your mental health I feel you have taught me a great deal and helped me understand that whilst what I am going through is not the norm, the problems I face are not unique and sometimes you have to take the plunge and do things that may seem illogical in order to achieve happiness and make the most of life.

    In short, thank you for sharing your journey =).

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    1. Thanks Mable, it’s lovely to hear that my blogs are helping you. I hope things pick up for you soon. I’m always about if you fancy a chat or a chance to rant. Xx


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