3 Life Hacks To Make Adulting Easier

I am 26 years old – technically I’m an adult, but I still don’t feel like one! I don’t automatically wash my dishes after I’ve finished eating, I don’t wash clothes until the night before I want to wear them and there are days when I get in from work and just cannot be bothered to cook. Surely I can’t be classed as an adult right?

Wrong, I am, I have to be. So here are my 3 must-do life hacks that make my mum (and any other real grown-up) believe that I have my life under control. Yes they’re very simple and I should’ve realised earlier, what can I say?

Weekly chore plan

Sounds stupid I know, but before I set this up the house got cleaned when I had the time or energy – usually at weekends. Gross I know, plus it ate into my free time! So I have added a single job to the calendar on my phone each day that makes sure my house says clean and fresh every day.

Monday – Clean the floors
Tuesday – Clean the bathroom
Wednesday – Clean the kitchen
Thursday – Dust the house
Friday – Wash the towels & bedding
Saturday – Clean the bedrooms & hoover the stairs
Sunday – Wash the clothes

Freezer Meals

I am one of those people who will try to eat healthily, but as soon as I have broken my stride by having a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar, it’ll be followed by  a huge amount of pasta and garlic bread or a takeaway. The best way to ensure I eat a relatively health diet and don’t fall back on crappy foods when it’s been a long day is by making freezer meals.

Not only does this save me money in the long run because I can buy ingredients in bulk, it also saves me time and effort when I get in from work and want to spend some time with Mr G. I spend one day a week prepping my meals, pop them in the freezer and (just to be extra organised) pop a note in my calendar of what I’ll be eating for dinner that night so I know in advance. And voila – a healthy diet, more money and more free time.

Allotted rant time

We all have bad days at work. Whether a colleague or customer has annoyed you or your boss has dumped a load of work on you last minute and needs it all yesterday. It’s OK to be annoyed but you wouldn’t want it to ruin your entire evening or be something that you obsess over for the next few days.

Which is why Mr G and I have allotted rant time. We don’t always need it but we each have an hour after we finish work in which we can rant and complain about anything that has gone on. After that it’s forgotten about and we spend our evening enjoying our time together or doing things that make us happy.

Do you have any life hacks that make things easier? I’d love to hear them.

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