York Cat Trail

Thinking of visiting York this bank holiday? While you’re here why not try something a little different – York Cat Trail. Not only is it free (unless you choose to stop for coffee and a bite to eat) it’s also a great way to see all the different areas of the city.

The history of York’s cats

Cats have played a part in the history of York with many people thinking this dates back as far as medieval times, although any evidence from this period has since rotted or been destroyed. Some of the statues on this trail are from around the mid-18th century, created to scare away rats that may otherwise have chewed on the wooden frames of buildings. There are other schools of thought claiming that the people of York were superstitious and believed the cat statues lucky due to the fact cats always land on their feet and are said to have nine lives. Either way it makes for a very interesting day searching through a beautiful city…

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The trail map and clues can be picked up from The cat gallery or York Lucky Cats, alternatively you can download it here. As we live in York we didn’t start from cat 1, instead we followed the map from our route into town, allowing us to enjoy the sunshine for a little bit longer.

The only cat we couldn’t find was was cat 10, but we did manage to find this cheeky little fellow hiding in a plant pot instead (although if I took photos of all the live cats we passed you’d be here looking at them all day).

It was the perfect was for Mr G and I to spend a sunny bank holiday, especially as we’re a bit strapped for cash with me changing careers. Of course I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the most important cat – the one we came home to!

Why having a cat is therapeutic.jpg

Happy Hunting everyone – let me know if you give it a try!

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2 thoughts on “York Cat Trail

  1. oh my! who knew? I love cats ! great information and truly interesting post!


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