My No Shampoo Trial

As I mentioned here I wanted to trial the no ‘poo movement as my hair just NEVER does as it’s told. I only managed to get to day 7 before I cracked and finally used shampoo but I have learnt a lot. I will carry on only shampooing my hair once a week and washing my hair with water in between to keep it fresh, but for me my hair was too fine to go completely without shampoo.

I think would work really well for people with slightly thicker or damaged hair, but you do have to accept that it gets really gross and never quite feels clean. I know the natural oils created are good for our hair but it got to the point for me where they were clogging my hair follicles and making my head really sore. If you’ve tried no ‘poo let me know how you got on in the comments – and don’t forget to hit subscribe on my YT channel to keep up to date with all my vlogs.

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