My Blogging Routine

Since I have started blogging again, and blogging more regularly, I have also made some wonderful friends in the blogging community via the weekly Twitter chats. One topic that seems to come up quite a lot is the blogging routine. Do people plan their posts and schedule them, or do they write them on the day to go live in the afternoon?


If you read my blog regularly you will know that I used to be an online marketeer and have a degree in Journalism and Broadcasting. Because it was my job to write for a living (amongst other things) I learnt to research, write and edit posts within an hour to suit the topic on the marketing plan, making it super easy for me to keep to a blogging schedule. I am by no means a blogging expert but here are my tips and tricks for my blogging routine (if you can call it that).

Keep a list of ideas

Because life moves so quickly unless you have an incredible memory (which I don’t) if you tell yourself you will remember the wonderful idea you just had you might find that when you sit down to write it out you’ve completely forgotten what it is. That’s why I have a notepad on my phone (I do everything digitally) where I jot down any post ideas I’ve had. That way when I come to write my posts I can refer back to my list to jog my memory or decide it’s not quite the right topic just yet.

Don’t force it

I write when I feel like writing. Not at work obviously, but when I get home if I don’t feel like writing a blog post I won’t. Not only is this an enjoyable hobby for me which I don’t want to make into a chore, forcing myself to write when I’m not in the zone means that my posts are generally sub-par. That said if I am in the zone finished my post and still have time to continue writing more posts I will.

Schedule everything

Not everything, everything but the important bits. Write your posts in advance (even if it’s just a day) so that you can check them over, select the right imagery and preview them on your blog – that way you can avoid spelling/grammar mistakes (sometimes). You should also think about scheduling your social posts to promote your content and your blog. I’m not saying schedule all your twitter updates and never just chat, but find out your key audience activity times and make sure you’re promoting your content then.

Join in with the blogging community

Not only will you find a whole host of lovely, supportive bloggers if you join in with any of the various Twitter Chats, you will also find tips on improving your blog, inspiration for blog posts and people who are going through (or have gone through) the same struggles, insecurities and problems as you have.

Do you have a blogging routine, or tips on how to keep a posting schedule? Comment below with your thoughts.

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