Should We Leave the EU?

As you will all know (if not, how?!) on the 23rd June we will all be expected to vote on whether or not the UK should stay in the EU. While there is plenty of coverage in the media about the ‘brexit’ debate, not to mention the leaflet we have all no doubt had through the door from the government, I’m not sure that I can trust any of the coverage to be unbiased.

In fact I know I can’t because we all have our own thoughts and opinions, and no matter how neutral we try to stay we will all imply or see implications in anything that is written. So I’ve decided to do a little bit of research to help me make up my mind.

Image Credit: The Guardian

Reasons To Leave The EU

  • We would no longer have to contribute to the EU budget, and would subsequently save money (if the government don’t spend it on something stupid)
  • We would be free to establish our own trade deals
  • We could negotiate access to the single market (like Norway) without being bound by EU laws unrelated to trade
  • Brexit could mean the UK economy gains 1.6% GDP (but this is very ambitious)
  • We would have more control over immigration from EU states
  • We could create more jobs due to trade deals
  • We would be able to vet anyone entering the country to prevent terrorist attacks

Reasons To Stay In The EU

  • Single Market – no tariffs imposed on importing and exporting for EU members
  • We will retain input into how trading deals are drawn up
  • We benefit from EU trade deals with other world powers such as the US
  • Brexit could mean the UK economy loses 2.2% of GDP by 2030 (08/09 recession was 6%)
  • France has stated there would be ‘consequences’ if we left the EU (EU may make it hard on us as a deterrent to other countries breaking away)
  • We can live and work anywhere in the EU
  • We could lose jobs due to the removal of trade deals
  • We benefit from extra security offered by Interpol and other intelligence agencies

A huge part of the decision is based on something we don’t know – how the EU will react to us leaving. Will they be the understanding friend who still wants you to join in even if it’s on your own terms, or will they be the petulant friend who says you have to do it their way or not at all? This is a HUGE decision and one that could effect the lives of generations to come. We still have a month to weigh up the choice, but as of yet I’m still undecided.


Since posting this more websites and articles have been released. If you would like to read up more before making your decision please find these links below:

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2 thoughts on “Should We Leave the EU?

  1. I had no idea that this was something people voted for – granted I’m from Canada so the big news going on over here is all about the next President in the US. With either decision being made, I hope it doesn’t have too many negative effects!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge


    1. It’s not usually something people vote for but the British people have been complaining about the EU for years and asking to have a vote on it and our government have finally agreed.


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