Easy Fundraising

I often feel distinctly guilty that I don’t raise enough money for charity. I rarely stop for street fundraisers (usually because they want me to set up a direct debit), I get frustrated with people who knock on my door when fundraising as if I’m at home I’m generally trying to relax, and it’s rather rare that I man fundraising stalls or charity buckets unless it’s through work.

Despite sounding terribly rude and uncharitable there are actually several charities that I support which I have chosen myself. Recently however, I’ve come across the easy fundraising app (or website if you prefer) that makes fundraising even easier by donating a percentage of the value of your online shopping, paid for by the retailer, to your chosen charity simply  by going through the app or website.

There are many more stores participating in this than I expected. With big names like John Lewis, M&S, Sainsbury’s, Booking.com, Amazon and Just Eat all taking part, you can go about your usual online shopping, or even click and collect, and give to charity at the same time. My chosen charity is Kyra Women’s Project who have helped me through a recent rough patch and whilst I’m not racking up hundreds of pounds every week, every little helps.

Let me know in the comments how you raise money for your favourite causes.

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