My Mental Health Story | Living with depression and panic disorder

“The more you talk about it, the more you explain it, the more likely it is that people will understand it and accept it.”

As you requested on Twitter, here is my vlog about my mental health story so far. If you’d like to know more about my time as an inpatient, my coping mechanisms for bad days or what has been going on recently (my severe bout that resulted in my resignation from work) then drop me a comment below and I’ll create another video with the most popular topics and questions. I’d also love to hear your experiences of mental health (so I don’t feel as much of a wally) so please feel free to share.

In case you’re interested here’s the link to George’s blog about living with someone with mental health issues that I mentioned in the video:

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3 thoughts on “My Mental Health Story | Living with depression and panic disorder

  1. Mark Valledy

    Hello. I just wanted to say just how much your blog resonated with me, especially the part where you wished you were back in ‘care’. Bizarre as that sounds to others, I totally get the feeling of how solely looking after yourself can create a feeling of serenity. Thank you for being so open and honest, you’ve inspired me to do the same when I return to work next week. (Scary, but feeling very inspired by your openness!!)

    Good luck with every single day. If you get the time, would be great if you could do a VLOG on some of your coping techniques. My chronic anxiety brought on my depression, and be great to know how you cope with returning bouts. Don’t worry if you don’t have the time..been great listening to your journey anyway.

    Take care and all the best.


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