Add A Vintage Twist To Your Outfit

How to tie a vintage headscarf.jpg

I love all things vintage, but let’s face it in modern life we don’t have loads of time to ensure we’re properly presentable (or at least I don’t, I love my bed too much!). Whilst I’d love to look like a 40s film star everyday I’m too low maintenance to go through that rigmarole. That said I don’t like to look scruffy, so on my bad hair days I add an extra vintage twist with a simple headscarf.

Perfect with a simple top and jeans or to jazz up a plain jumper dress, this 5 minute headscarf tutorial is the easiest way to add a vintage flavour to your everyday wardrobe.

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2 thoughts on “Add A Vintage Twist To Your Outfit

  1. Ah I really loved this 🙂 I need to try it now haha


    1. Send a snap once you’re done? I’d love to see how you got on. If you only have rectangular scarves I can put up some turban tutorials too ❤


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