Cowslip Cottage | Levisham

Way back in February (is it just me that feels like that was ages ago) Mr G and I went to stay at a beautiful little cottage in Levisham to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. The idea was to have a quiet get-away, just the two of us, relax, unwind and come back refreshed. Sadly, it was smack, bang in the middle of my collywobble so wasn’t quite as wonderful as I had hoped.

After a beautiful drive through North Yorkshire and making Doris (our car) struggle up a rather steep hill, we reached the sleepy little village of Levisham. If you want to feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere but still only be an hour away from York this is the perfect location.

The picturesque cottage was just what I had imagined and after we had checked in and had a look through the information book left for us we unpacked and settled in. We were greeted with a house full of fresh daffodils, a freshly baked loaf of bread, a generous slab of lemon drizzle cake and some milk for the morning coffee. Having read on their website that they had horses, chickens and sheep I went for a little wander to say hello and generally be nosy.

We spent a lot of our time hiking through the North Yorkshire Moors (we did go in February after all) and the exercise, fresh air and beautiful scenery did us both a lot of good I think. We followed trails as well as wandered about creating our own, spending a lot of time out in the fresh air.

As it was only 15 miles away on one of the days we drove to Whitby as I love to be by the sea. We parked at Sandsend and walked along the beach into the center of Whitby where we stopped for a coffee at the harbour before finding some good old fish and chips. As the tide was coming in we walked back along the tops of the cliffs which gave some incredible views, and just before we reached the car I stopped to make friends with the sea ducks (they’re just normal ducks that were on the beach) before we drove back to the cottage.


I love North Yorkshire and Mr G and I spend a lot of time with Doris exploring everything it has to offer. It was incredible to be so close to home yet feel so far away from anything. If you’ve not been already I’d definitely recommend it. Have you tried being a tourist in your area?

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3 thoughts on “Cowslip Cottage | Levisham

  1. I’m sure I stayed here with my family in the early 99s, is it run by a lady called Louise?
    Great blog post, and lovely area!


    1. I can’t remember the name but it’s run by a couple. I can try and dig it out for you if you like?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah don’t go to any trouble if it’s hard to dig out, the ppl who ran it back then may well have sold up and moved on! We stayed there for a week in summer 93 and then went back in 94. I loved Levisham, and the visits to York and flamingo land!


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