Pacifica: The App To Manage Stress And Anxiety

If you read this blog you’ll know that recently I have had a bit of a rough time with my depression and anxiety. Part of my ongoing recovery has been aided by a handy little app on my phone: introducing Pacifica.

Pacifica is pitched as a daily tool to help manage stress and live a happier life. Based on cognitive behavioural therapy and meditation this app claims to help you manage stress and anxiety alongside a supportive community.

Now I’m not saying it’s a miracle worker or that it suddenly makes life easy again, but this holistic approach to managing your mental health, which is available at your fingertips (HUGE thumbs up for that one), has ensured that I keep tabs on my daily moods and well being. This simple mindfulness prompted by my phone has meant I’ve been able to keep on track and get back to my normal irritating self.


I don’t use all the tools available on this app. For instance, I haven’t joined any of the discussion groups or community posts, nor have I set myself any goals to meet each day (after the first few days). However, I have made full use of the relaxation and thought tools, retraining my thought patterns and allowing myself to unwind.

The tool I have found most useful is the daily prompt to log my feelings. Each morning I will complete my health report (which can be customised to what you want to focus on) and each evening at around 8pm I get a push notification asking me to log my current mood. After a week or so I was able to see a pattern in my mood and general health level, which has meant I’ve been able to address problem days or areas.

Have you found any good apps to help manage your mental health?

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2 thoughts on “Pacifica: The App To Manage Stress And Anxiety

  1. I swear by headspace. Meditation is a real positive for me and Headspace has loads of different sections (such as self esteem, stress, relationships) which i can dip in and out depending on what’s bothering me. Worth a go if you fancy a change!!


    1. I have headspace on my phone too and dip in and out. I tend to use it to help me get to sleep, but Pacifica measures my mood at least once a day so I can see any patterns when I’m trying to get back on track. I also have fitbit to help me keep moving and a digital colouring app called colourfy which I got a bit addicted to!


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