Morning Yoga

I’m not a morning person. Lets get that out there straight away. I am the proverbial bear with a sore head before my morning coffee and often spend the first hour of my waking day in silence until I feel awake and ready to deal with the world.

I am also not the type of person to get up an hour or two earlier to go to a yoga class. I tried it once, but for me it just wasn’t sustainable. Having said that I know the value of exercising in the morning; the focus and energy that it gives you to take on the day. Which is why I have been looking through YouTube for some yoga videos to do at home.


I came across DoYouYoga, a site full of free yoga classes and courses which I’ve found really helpful. The classes are just 10 minutes long which are really easy to slot into my morning routine and leaves me energised and ready to take on the day. With daily reminders and classes I can tick off there’s no excuse for me not to get fit and healthy (unless I’m ill or hospitalised of course!).

So far I have managed to keep it up for just over a week and the difference it has made to my general mood and temperament has been phenomenal. Taking that little bit of time in the morning to stretch, get your blood pumping and focus yourself before you start your day is priceless. I tried something similar with running previously but couldn’t keep it up – I definitely think yoga is the magic answer for me.

Do you have any exercise in your morning routine?

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6 thoughts on “Morning Yoga

  1. I’m a morning runner and love being out there when the world is asleep. It really sets me up for the day! My aim is to do a yoga class and stretch out those runner’s muscles!
    When the alarm goes off I cry a bit but I’m always grateful that I go!


    1. You should take a look on DoYouYoga they have a yoga course for runners x


  2. I love yoga but I haven’t managed to get it into my morning routine – although I can imagine how helpful that would be. I really want to start doing fitness videos in the morning. Just need to find my willpower!

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    1. I know what you mean. There are days when I just can’t be bothered but then I remind myself it’s only 10 minutes x


  3. I agree ! Aside from gardening Yoga is the only exercise I actually love to do! Am not sure why I have ‘paused ‘ doing it! This inspires me! Yoga AM by Rodney Yee is the at home I chose since like you I never saw myself going to a class. Thank you!


    1. I think we all fall out of our routine and get sidetracked by life but when we find our way back we’re always confused as to why we stopped.

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