The Power Of Disney

If you were born before 2000 (and probably after) then it’s more than likely that you watched Disney films as a child. I’d spend rainy days stuck inside with my siblings watching these beloved films in between games of ‘the floor is lava’ and ‘sleeping bag toboggan’.

We each had our favourite; my brother loved The Lion King and The Jungle Book, I loved Beauty And The Beast and Cinderella and my sister loved Robin Hood. They were our go to choices when we were told we could watch a film and there were frequent fights over whose turn it was to choose.


As an adult I’ve bought the films on DVD (rather than the original VHS versions we had) and often watch them when I’m not feeling my best. When I was off sick from school my mum would settle me on the sofa with a blanket and pop in my favourite film hoping it would lull me to sleep or help distract me from my illness. To this day whenever I watch these Disney films I immediately feel comforted and safe.

I must associate them on some level with my mum looking after me or silly afternoons with my brother and sister. Either way when I’ve had a bad day, I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps or I’m sick, I still put on my favourite Disney films to soothe myself when my mum no longer can.

Is there anything from your childhood that still make you feel better as an adult?

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