You Don’t Look Vintage

“You don’t look vintage”

It’s a phrase I hear all the time when I profess my love of vintage clothes. True not everything in my wardrobe is vintage, and most of the time I don’t look like I’ve stepped out of a time warp from another era (although I really wish I did), but I truly do love all things vintage.

Working in offices throughout my life so far I have had to have ‘office appropriate’ work wear. While some places I work have been more lenient than others, in some places when I have gone into work wearing a head scarf or charity shop chic skirt I’ve been told that I need to find something more business-like (i.e. look like everyone else). So instead I have learnt to incorporate my love of vintage in different, more subtle ways:

  1. 90% of my jewelry collection are pearls, in fact, my  beautiful engagement ring is a pearl rather than the usual diamond.
  2. I have styled my hair into a  30s style short, sleek bob – long enough to be curled for those big nights out.
  3. Most of my outfits incorporate scarves. Whether draped around my neck, tied around the handle of a bag or covering up less than perfect hair, it’s unusual to see me without a scarf.
  4. A knee length skirt (usually from a charity shop), a camisole and flats are my go to wardrobe choice for spring and summer, reverting to high-waisted jeans and cropped jumpers for autumn and winter
  5. I take care of my eyebrows. Throughout history a strong, well kept eyebrow has always been a must have and has recently come back into mainstream fashion.

I love to pull out my vintage favourites and dress up, but my confidence has taken a bit of a knock recently, so I’m building myself back up to wearing them every chance I get. Who knows, life as a support worker might mean I get some more freedom with my wardrobe!

Are you a vintage lover, how do you incorporate it into your wardrobe?

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5 thoughts on “You Don’t Look Vintage

    1. Thanks 🙂 are you a fan of vintage?


    1. Thanks 🙂 are you a vintage lover?

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      1. Im multi-style. Sometimes I like the style of rebellion, sometimes classic… :))

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