To Mum, With Love…

It’s Mothering Sunday this week. A date many of us forget, much like our mostly under appreciated mothers. Despite loving our mums, we all eventually grow up, move out and create our own lives – as it should be my mum always tells me – but I can’t help but feel guilty that I don’t go home often enough to catch up properly.

We both work full time, but mum works shifts, so it’s not very often she’ll get a full weekend off (read enough time to relax and visit people/have visitors), which is why we often go 3 or 4 months without seeing each other. So this year for Mother’s Day I want to get her something that she would actually want or find useful, but also that would allow us to spend some time together too.

A spa day

Mum and I have been trying to plan a spa day since the back end of last year, but haven’t been able to sync our diaries yet. I’ve been looking at The Titanic Spa in Huddersfield. With a heat and ice experience at just £75pp, including a light lunch, it’s something we could fit around her shifts.

A surprise family meal

My siblings don’t live far from my mum and probably catch up with her more than me, but it’s rare that we’ll all be in the same place at once (once a year for our Christmas catch up). So it could be a good idea to arrange a date around the 6th when we could all get together at her favourite restaurant for a family meal.

A weekend away

Having just moved house, started studying a degree and working full time I imagine mum could probably use a break. With sites like groupon, and I could send her and Paul on a relaxing weekend away to explore the UK.

How will you be treating your mum this Mother’s Day?


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