9 Things To Instantly Cheer You Up

We all have those days where, for whatever reason, we just can’t seem to snap out of our odd mood. The train was late, the meeting overran and your husband threw out (read ate!) the last of the chocolate buttons that you were planning on finishing when you got home.

Obviously if you’re going through something dire or are struggling with mental illness these things might not help as much as they would do. But if you’re having a bit of a crummy week and want to cheer yourself up, these are my tried and tested ways to instantly soothe my feelings.

Escape with a book

When the world around you seems a bit rubbish, why not escape it? Lose yourself in someone else’s story for a while and give yourself a little break. I always find reading the ideal way to calm myself.

Enjoy a bubble bath

Cosset yourself in warm, scented water, let your muscles relax, lie back and let peace wash over you. For me there’s nothing better at the end of a rough day than some me time to relax and pamper.

Watch a feel good film

The fairy tales I was told as a little girl are a safe bet to cheer me up, no matter what. I just pop on old favourites like Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty or Anastasia and it’s like being 7 years old again.

Phone your bestie

Nothing beats putting the world to rights with your bestie. Whether it’s a friend from school or your mum, chatting things through, or chatting about anything at all, with someone I love always gives me a lift.

Go for a walk

It probably isn’t the first thing you’ll want to do, or even the last, but going for a walk could be just what you need. It will help clear your head and those lovely endorphins work wonders to cheer you up.

Cook something scrummy

There’s something almost therapeutic about cooking for me. Following a recipe to create something delicious or simply throwing veg into a pan, the routine of doing something so mundane easily calms me.

Light some candles

Whether scented or plain, dim the lights, get cosy and watch the flames flicker. It’s one of mine and Oscar’s (the cat) favourite things to do when Mr. G is working lates.

Sip a drink

Whether it’s hot peppermint tea before bed, or a cold glass of gin and tonic with a tangy slice of lime to refresh myself after a long day, it’s impressive what simply sitting down with a drink can do.

Curl up in bed

If all else fails there’s always sleep. Things always look brighter in the morning and let’s face it, the most successful relationship we’ve all had is with our beds!


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