What I’ve Learned To Be True About Marriage

It’s now almost a year since Mr G and I tied the knot and it still feels strange to say “my husband and I”. I’m not all together convinced that I will ever get used to it. I don’t feel old enough to be someone’s wife and we’re really just a pair of big kids. We’re not as careful with our money as we should be, we’re not saving for a rainy day, looking to buy our own house, have kids or even just saving up to go on holiday. We’re too busy enjoying our lives to worry about being adults, but I think that’s the beautiful thing about our marriage – we get to grow up together.

Ever since we started dating we’ve always been better as a team, so after we both graduated it just seemed like a natural progression to get married. I can’t say that our relationship has drastically changed because it hasn’t, but it does have an extra sense of surety and peace that I can’t really put into words. It feels like I am home.

Obviously to many we’re just babies when it comes to how long we’ve been married – how can we know anything? I have clothes older than our marriage, I get it, but as a newlywed no one really tells you what to expect because every relationship is different, so here’s what I’ve learned to be true about marriage…

Your husband should be your best friend. Mr G is the first person I turn to when I’m scared or worried and when I want an opinion on my outfit or have found a funny meme. He’s the first person I want to tell any news to and the person I want to share new experiences with. All in all it sounds like I made the right decision marrying him.


It’s not like the movies. This one seems obvious, but if he wasn’t the guy that bought you flowers just because he wanted to he’s not suddenly going to and you shouldn’t expect it. It would be nice to occasionally be swept off my feet, but I like to think of our life together as a sitcom. Some boring days, some sad, some funny. Isn’t the phrase the variety of life?

What I've Learnt About Marriage
Roll with the punches. Whether it’s the famed awkward in-laws, career changes or prolonged periods apart, the day-to-day stresses and strains of life carry on after you’re married. I know it’s extremely obvious to point that out, but I think Walt Disney gave us girls unrealistic expectations about more than just handsome princes. Still, if you picked the right guy even the fights will be fun.

What I've Learnt About Marriage
The wedding was only a party. With all the drama and family politics that go with weddings they seem more like a hindrance than a party, but don’t let it stress you out. We had a great time on our wedding day. It was incredible to have everyone together and of course I got to marry the man I love. But it was just a party and the day after came with a sense of relief but also a sense of loss. What am I to do now I don’t have to plan a wedding? Luckily for me, we have the rest of our lives to figure it out.


1 thought on “What I’ve Learned To Be True About Marriage

  1. I just tried to leave a comment but it doesn’t seem to have worked :/ so here we go again! 😛

    I LOVED THIS POST! I love that you said marriage hasn’t made a massive difference to your relationship – that’s the way it should be!

    Lovely photos too 🙂


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