T Plus – The Wellness Tea

Working in an office I have developed the bad habit of drinking far too much coffee which I have recently been replacing with a plethora of fruit teas, however I have been missing my caffeine hit first thing in the morning. Green tea is the perfect answer, but it has quite a distinctive taste that I’m not always fond of which is why when I heard about T plus, the blended flavours sounded so appealing. After reading Aime’s review of the t+ detox apple and blackcurrant over on thecurvaceousvegan I decided I had to try it for myself.

I picked up two of the four t+ flavours; orange and blueberry to help boost immunity and raspberry and pomegranate to give you an extra boost, at the ABC Health Shop in Harrogate. With the horrid winter weather and my early mornings I decided both sets would be great to add to my tea collection, so far I’ve only tried t+ boost.

T Plus describe this tea as, an energising blend of green tea, yerba mate, ginseng and energy releasing B vitamins. All naturally flavoured with raspberry & pomegranate.  Designed to give you a clean, natural, sustained energy release.”

One cup when you first reach the office is more than enough to set you up for the day. The flavour is surprisingly strong unlike most fruit tea and it most definitely gives you an extra boost. I am used to leaving my tea bag in the cup while I enjoy my drink which I wouldn’t suggest with t+ unless you enjoy caffeine shakes. The only downside of this tea is it’s unusual smell – it doesn’t have the same alluring scent as coffee or peppermint tea, but it’s definitely something I would recommend to others.

Have you tried any T Plus flavours? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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