How I Cope With Anxiety On A Bad Day

Anxiety is no joke. It can alter your entire perception of the world around you, make you look like a fool or convince you that you can’t cope. In short it sucks. But as long as you remember a few key points and are able to laugh at yourself you’ll be fine. Here’s how I cope with anxiety on a bad day…

Remember you’re in control

It doesn’t feel like it when your panic attack is in full flow, your world is spinning and you just can’t catch your breath, but you are in control. When you start to get that tingling in your chest or the catch in your breathing you don’t have to follow the viscous circle that will bring on your panic attack. I tell myself that I’ve got this, I can do whatever it is that I think I can’t, and that I am strong enough. It doesn’t always work, but altering my thought pattern and how I react has saved me from public humiliation a few times.

Let it come

Sometimes you just have to let your panic attack happen. It’s easier said than done I know. Trust me I’ve been that person in the very public place gasping like a dying fish thinking that everybody is staring at me. They probably were, but I didn’t die of embarrassment, I didn’t faint and I wasn’t sick all over my shoes. I had a panic attack; it didn’t kill me, it wasn’t dangerous and in a strange way I always feel better once it’s done because I know I survived unscathed (well perhaps a few dents to my pride).

Be gentle with yourself

Some days you just can’t, and that’s OK. Everyone need a bit of respite sometimes; you wouldn’t train in the gym constantly without a break and the same goes for anxiety. It’s OK not to force yourself into something, or just lie on the sofa reading a book or watching a film. You just have to be able to push yourself back into your routine after your day off, because if avoiding life becomes a habit you’re hurting yourself more than helping. For me after a particularly bad attack the perfect remedy is a comfortable place to lie down, some cucumber to soothe my puffy, red rimmed eyes and a audio book or some music. It’s enough to cosset myself for a while without becoming a place I’m afraid to leave.
Do you suffer from anxiety, how do you cope on a bad day?

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