5 Reasons To Be Happy Today

This time of year is always difficult for me for many reasons. I generally wake up feeling like I can’t be bothered and that it would be much easier to stay in bed. My thought pattern tends to stay in this vein for a least a few weeks, but let’s face it – it’s not healthy and it needs to be changed.
No one wants to be miserable and no one likes being around miserable people. If you want to change your though pattern too, there is a simple way to achieve it which is much easier than you think. Every day you wake up feeling this way name 5 reasons you have to be happy.
It really is that simple. As you get in the habit of naming reasons you have to be happy your mind trains itself to look on the bright side, and before you know it you’re out of the slump and on your way to being your normal cheerful self.

Here are my 5 reasons to be happy today:

  1. Cuddles from my cat – waking up to cuddles and knowing you’re loved is a great feeling
  2. My safe, warm house – with the recent floods in York I’m lucky to be unaffected
  3. A powerful shower – for me there’s nothing worse than a weak shower, it just doesn’t start the day off right
  4. My friends and family – I know that if I’m struggling I call any number of people and talk the world to rights
  5. A good brew – in true British fashion, if all else fails there’s always tea




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