A Week Of Sewing

This week has been quite a creative one. After a long stint of only really using my sewing machine to make alterations or repair tears and replace zips both my treadle table and my Janome have been dusted off and put to use.

Christmas Jumper Competition

As part of our Christmas festivities at work we had a Christmas jumper competition. Everyone was to take a piece of Pure Cashmere and decorate it in a Christmas theme for Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 18th December. As well as raising money for a good cause we got our creative juices flowing with a vote at the end of the day to decide the winner.
I wanted to create a jumper that I would actually wear outside of the competition, and with my current penchant for penguins I decided they would be the theme of my jumper. I created the applique penguins and their hats and scarves separately only adding the bobble for the hats after they had been stitched onto the jumper. Sadly I only came second, but I’m happy with my entry and think i’ll be keeping hold of it for next year.

Making a Skirt

Once I’d finished my jumper I couldn’t stop there so I pulled out an old pattern and started to make a new skirt. I can never find fuller skirts with pockets so I find it much easier to make my own, plus then I get to choose my own fabric and length (perfect for those vertically challenged like me).
This pretty floral print caught my eye a few months ago and I just had to have it. Once the weather warms up if will make the perfect spring skirt but in the mean time I’ll be pairing it with tights, flats and cashmere.
Have you been crafting anything for Christmas? I’d love to hear about your sewing adventures.

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