Creating A Casual Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe (n)

  1. A collection of clothes and accessories that include items only considered an essential
I have never really had a capsule wardrobe before, but as I looked through my clothes I realised that I have already created one for work; a sort of uniform that allows me to feel stylish and comfortable everyday. I also have a ‘best’ section of my wardrobe that I pull out for occasion wear or special events. But what has become of my casual wear?
My off-duty dress code hasn’t commanded my attention for some time, but as we roll into 2016 I want to make sure my weekend style is on T. I don’t want to have to spend too much time planning my outfits so dark denim and cashmere are my go to staples. A simple pair of velvet flats and  a string of pearls add minimal polish to a simple, practical style.
For a more feminine look switch out dark denim for an easy to wear pencil skirt in jersey or cotton. Paired with a classic leather tote, Chelsea boots and a structured coat I’m ready to take on whatever my weekend has to throw at me.

Creating your own capsule wardrobe

My casual capsule wardrobe has developed subconsciously with simple tweaks and adjustments to stay on trend each season, but if you’re not sure where to start here are a few simple questions to help you build yours:

1. Which wardrobe staples can’t you be without?

Everyone has those pieces they turn to when nothing else seems to work; for me it’s jeans, pencil skirts and jumpers. Make a list of your wardrobe staples for the basis of your capsule wardrobe.

2. Which styles suit your shape?

High-waisted jeans, crop tops and mini skirts don’t suit every shape. Find at least two shapes that work for you and add them to your capsule wardrobe to keep your outfits looking fresh.

3. Which coat, bag and shoes?

An outfit isn’t completed without a handbag, shoes and a coat. You have to wear them every day so collate a selection that will go with your wardrobe. For me it’s pointed flats, totes and collarless wool coats.

4. Do you need accessories?

For me the answer is always yes! Whether it’s a string of pearls, a scarf or statement earrings accessories can completely transform an outfit. As I like an understated outfit I pick no more than two.
Happy Planning!

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