Lush Lifesavers

There are two products from Lush that I have been using for a few months now, and given the difference they’ve made to my skin and the compliments I’ve had because of them I thought it was time I shared them on the blog.

Lush Lifesavers

I have had awkwardly sensitive skin from being around 18 years old. A mixture of combination and sensitive skin means that I have patches that are dry, flaky and sore and others that are quite oily and prone to break-outs, making it a nightmare to find products that cater to both skin types at once. But since using both Ultrabland and Aqua Marina just once a day I’ve been left with soft, clear, happier skin.

Ultrabland Face Wash – £7.50

A simple, but effective cold cream, ultrabland is the ultimate cleanser for sensitive skin. Made with almond oil, honey, beeswax and rose water this gentle cleanser removes the daily build up of dirt and grime without leaving your face feeling tight and dry. I always use this in the shower making sure I have a face cloth handy to ensure all of the cleanser is removed and give my face a good scrub to make sure I get rid of any dry skin.

Aqua Marina Fresh Cleanser – £6.95

After washing my face with Ultrabland I turn to Aqua Marina to help reduce the oil in my t-zone which is prone to break-outs, and because I love the calming mixture of Aloe Vera and Irish Moss Gel. This mineral rich seaweed and calamine cleanser helps reduce excess oils and gives me a clear complexion, again without completely stripping the skin and leaving it feeling dry which is perfect for my skin.

Lush Lifesavers

Since using these two in my morning beauty routine (washing my face in the shower while mentally running through my jobs for the day before dashing out to catch the train) I have only suffered break-outs when I’ve eaten too many chocolate bars or take-aways, and have been able to confidently leave the house without only minimal make up on for the first time in years.

Of course face washes aren’t the only treats available at Lush and I certainly have a penchant for the delicious bath bombs and melts. Are you a Lush fan? What have you found that works well for you? Are there any products of gift sets on your Christmas list this year?


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