4 Small Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

When reading about mental health there is always the same utterance “…there are some days you just can’t get out of bed and cry all day.” Whilst there are people who suffer in this way, there are many who manage to pry themselves out of bed, despite wanting nothing more than to stay there, and manage to scrape through the day as normal with others none the wiser to their struggle.

Mental health issues don’t need to be debilitating to be real, nor are they any less difficult to deal with. Something as simple as being asked if you’re OK (and the person actually wanting to know) or having a hand to hold can make more difference than you would think. For me these four little things offer a lift on those days when day-to-day life seems a bit harder:


1. Listen to music

We all have one song that always brings a smile to our face. Listening to a favourite song, or even one that reflects your mood can bring a sense of familiarity that is a balm when you’re not feeling 100%.

2. Wear a cosy cardigan or jumper

Some days you just need a hug. If there’s no one you’re willing to ask at work cocooning yourself in a cosy knit is the second best thing – like a hug from yourself to cheer you up.

3. Go for a walk

Even if it’s raining or you have loads to do it can really help to get out of the office. Clearing your head and getting some fresh air and exercise (and seeing the daylight in winter) are guaranteed to give a little boost.

4. Send a text

Whether it’s your best friend, parents or your other half, telling someone that you’re having a difficult day may not make your day any better but it does mean you don’t have to feel alone.
How do you add a little boost to your day?

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