Christmas Traditions

Those of you that read Red Magazine may have seen the article on Christmas rituals and creating a mindful Christmas plan in December’s edition. It got me thinking about my own Christmas celebrations and what they say about me.


Everyone  has some sort of Christmas ritual. Whether it’s trying to avoid the festive season and all the complications it can come with, or throwing yourself in feet first to the feasts, family time and expected jollity. As a newly married couple Mr G and I have yet to set our Christmas rituals. This year will be our first as Mr & Mrs but I have to say I don’t feel the pressure to make it fantastic.

My family has never been insistent about visiting each other at Christmas. We celebrate in our own ways, which I believe is my Mum’s way of allowing us all to spend the festive season relaxing and with whomever we choose. We make a point of getting together over a meal and drinks at a time to suit everyone, but it’s very rarely on Christmas Day.

Christmas Traditions

Let’s face it, even if your family are the most laid back bunch it’s stressful having everyone over. Someone is always stuck in the kitchen slaving over the dinner, there’s never enough space for everyone to sit comfortably (at least not in my house) and there’s usually an argument over the TV – and that’s before you bring kids into the mix.

Whatever our rituals will end up being in the future, this year, Mr G and I will have to settle for a relaxed, leisurely Christmas morning together before he heads into work. However, I can’t say I’m not excited about what future Christmases have in store. How do you prefer to spend your Christmas?


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