Style Icons | Anna Wintour

If like me your personal style is one you are still struggling to determine, it is easy to get swept up in the fads and trends of the fashion world. Whilst I believe it is important to keep up with the latest fashion I don’t think there is anything more beautiful than a woman who knows what suit her. Though she may be a little intimidating and many view her as sharp, Anna Wintour’s calm, confident and self assured style is something I have always aspired to.

Signature style


Her signature style is hard to miss. With her page boy haircut, oversized sunglasses and sophisticated, ladylike wardrobe there isn’t a chance you’d ever mistake her for someone else. There are an abundance of style pointers we can take from our favourite Vogue editor, and emulating her distinctive look is pretty simple.

Style cues


A-line dresses in simple, elegant patterns are a staple of Wintour’s wardrobe and are almost as intrinsic as the structured jackets and coats she so often favours. The combination gives her a feminine yet strong, sophisticated look which, alongside her no-nonsense demeanour, makes a bold statement.

Necklines and accessories


High necklines and glitzy, over sized necklaces are Wintour’s go-to style. Pair a simple crew neck with a thick chained necklace, fitted pencil skirt and dainty heels and you have a pretty good emulation of the Anna Wintour look. 

Taking a page from Wintour’s book, I have learned that shapes that suit my figure and adjust the seasonal trends to suit me, but I am still somewhat in awe of Wintour’s serene self assurance and no nonsense temperament. Who is your biggest style icon?

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