Basa Fillet Parcel | 265 cal

Once again I'm back to extol the virtues of frozen prepared veggies. I've been picking up some favourite ingredients and finding ways to turn them into yummy recipes. This one has become a favourite quick evening meal and at only 265 calories a healthy one too. Not to mention no waste... You will need Baking … Continue reading Basa Fillet Parcel | 265 cal

My Left Foot By Christy Brown

My Left Foot is the life story of Christy Brown, an individual born in 1930s Ireland with Cerebral Palsy. Written as an autobiography the book depicts his memories of his early life, the struggles and breakthroughs he made growing up in a large, healthy family, his eventual realisation and reaction to the fact he was … Continue reading My Left Foot By Christy Brown

Style Icons | Joan Crawford

There is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman and that most certainly describes Joan Crawford. Hailed as the forgotten queen of style she has a timeless, classic look that I would kill for and a serene sense of self that comes across in all her photos. Despite what we think we know about her … Continue reading Style Icons | Joan Crawford

What Is Borderline Personality Disorder?

Late last year I was diagnosed with emotionally unstable personality disorder ~ a personality disorder also known as borderline personality disorder. To be honest I don't like the name of the illness, even if the description fits. It makes me sound scary, like I could snap at the click of a finger and become 'unstable'. … Continue reading What Is Borderline Personality Disorder?

Squash & Broad Bean Risotto | 358 cal

I have been trying to improve my health recently and a huge part of that has been changing how I eat. I've always been a lover of vegetables and other 'healthy' food I just grew lazy in terms of preparing and cooking food and started to rely on the wrong things. So when Tesco brought … Continue reading Squash & Broad Bean Risotto | 358 cal

Physically Healthy ~ Mentally Healthy

As part of my self care for this year, and in reaction to the revulsion I feel when I look in the mirror I have decided to try and live more healthily. That includes eating the right foods, exercising regularly, making sure I get enough sleep and giving myself time to unwind. I have already … Continue reading Physically Healthy ~ Mentally Healthy